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Hamm’s offer tire deals plus, purchase 4 new tires, and the alignment is FREE!*

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At Hamm’s, we sell new tires and used car tires. We have most tire sizes in stock, and can order virtually any brand or size you require. If you need it in a hurry and it’s available, we’ll go get it ourselves while you wait!

Tire Service

We’ll also offer to balance your tires. Why?

No tires are perfectly round or smooth. All tires have heavy spots that cause an imbalance in the wheel assembly. When you drive, these heavy spots are pulled outward by the centrifugal force of the tire’s rotation, making your vehicle vibrate or shimmy. This vibration is one of the more common signs that your tires are out of balance. You’ll usually notice it at about 40 mph, and the vibration can become more pronounced as your speed increases. If you feel this vibration most strongly though the steering wheel, it indicates that one or both front tires are out of balance. If you feel the vibration through the driver’s seat, it means your rear tires are out of balance.

Besides being annoying, tire vibration can cause:

  • Uneven tire wear, which shortens the useful life of your tires
  • Safety issues by increasing driver stress and fatigue
  • Increased fuel consumption, because your engine must work harder to overcome this additional force
  • Unnecessary wear on your shocks, struts and other suspension components

Not just an alignment “check.” A REAL alignment!

While other shops may offer an alignment “check,” Hamm’s Tire shop offers you a true wheel alignment, FREE with the purchase of 4 new tires.*

Why is a wheel alignment important?

  1. Reduced Tire Wear: Improper alignment is a major cause of premature tire wear. Over the years, proper alignment can add thousands of miles to tire life.
  2. Better Gas Mileage: Gas mileage increases as rolling resistance decreases. Proper alignment sets the wheels parallel to one another, which-along with proper inflation-minimizes rolling resistance.
  3. Improved Handling: Does your car pull to one side? Do you constantly have to move the steering wheel to keep your car traveling straight ahead? Proper alignment can correct many handling problems, as well as minimize road shock for a smoother ride.
  4. Increased Safety – and Savings: Our alignment procedure includes a suspension-system inspection in order to spot worn parts before they cause dangerous – and potentially costly – problems.

*Additional parts and labor may result in additional costs.

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