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Looking to save money for new or used car tires in Dallas? Look no further than Hamm’s Tire! We have a wide selection of high-quality tires in stock, including new and used tires online. If we don’t have what you need, we can order virtually any brand or size and even go get it ourselves while you wait!

We offer tire balancing with every purchase because no tires are perfectly round or smooth. Balancing your tires helps to eliminate heavy spots that cause an imbalance in the wheel assembly. This imbalance can lead to annoying vibrations and even safety issues, like uneven tire wear and increased fuel consumption. If you’re experiencing vibrations while driving, it’s time to get your tires balanced.

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And when you purchase four new tires from us, we’ll give you a FREE real wheel alignment – not just an alignment “check” like other shops offer. Proper installation balancing rotation and alignment can add thousands of miles to your tire life, improve gas mileage, and enhance your car’s handling. Plus, our alignment procedure includes a suspension-system inspection to spot worn parts before they cause dangerous and costly problems.

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Search our wide range of tire inventory or stop by our Dallas location to see our selection of new and used auto tires for sale near me. Additional parts and labor may result in additional costs. Don’t wait – get the tires and alignment you need for a smoother, safer ride!

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