Tire Balancing – Dallas, Lewisville, Watauga Locations:

Why Tire Balancing is Necessary

No tires are perfectly round or smooth; all have heavy spots causing an imbalance in the wheel assembly. When driving, these heavy spots are pulled outward by the centrifugal force of the tire’s rotation, making your vehicle vibrate or shimmy. This vibration is a common sign that your tires are out of balance, typically noticeable around 40 mph and becoming more pronounced as speed increases. If you feel this vibration through the steering wheel, it indicates that one or more front tires are out of balance. If the vibration is felt through the driver’s seat, it means your rear tires are out of balance.

In addition to being annoying, tire vibration may cause:

  • Safety issues by increasing driver stress and fatigue
  • Unnecessary wear on your shocks, struts, and other suspension components
  • Uneven tire wear, shortening the useful life of your tires
  • Increased fuel consumption, as your engine must work harder to overcome this additional force

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